Thursday, May 30, 2019

beware of Yahoo customer service scams

Do you need to contact Yahoo's customer service? There are some ways to do it - but, Yahoo warns that the phone is not an option. So, any phone number you find on the internet that says it connects you to Yahoo's customer service is false.

At the FTC we have received reports from consumers who called these fake customer service numbers to those who offered them "Yahoo customer service" in exchange for a fee.

But the truth is that Yahoo's customer support service is always free. That means you should never pay to reset your Yahoo password, technical support service or assistance with security issues. In addition, Yahoo will not ask you to allow you to remotely connect your computer for any support inquiries.

how to do Mail configuration on iPhone (iOs11)

Mail configuration on iPhone (iOs11)
In this guide we teach you how to add an email account with IMAP to the email application of your iPhone with iOS 11.
We also teach you how to set up your account with Mobile Sync (Exchange ActiveSync). Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Preferences> Accounts and Passwords

Open Preferences on your iPhone and press Accounts and Passwords.

Step 2 - Touch Add account

Click on Add account.

Step 3 - Click on Other

Select Other as the type of account.

Step 4 - Click on the Add email account

Click on the Add email account.

Step 5 - Enter the account information

Enter the account information of the email you want to add:
·         Name: this will be visible as sender.
·         Email address: the address you want to add.
·         Password: the one you use to log in to Webmail.
·         Description: a name for the account on your device.
Click Next to continue.

Step 6 - Select IMAP

Select IMAP as the account type.

Step 7 - Enter the server configuration

Enter the following information:
Incoming mail server:
·         Host name:
·         Username: your email account
·         Password: the one used for Webmail
Outgoing mail server:
·         Host name:
·         Username: your email account
·         Password: the one used for Webmail
Click Next to continue.

Step 8 - Save the account

Disable the note sync option if it is enabled. Click Save.

Step 9 - Click on the account you added

Click on the account you just added. You will be able to recognize it by the description.

Step 10 - Click on your account again

Click on the account again to open its configuration.

Step 11 - Tap on Advanced

Tap on the Advanced, at the base  of the screen.

Step 12 - Check Behavior Mailboxes

Check if the Mailbox Behavior option is configured correctly. These parameters determine where your email messages are stored.
You require to choose the following folders on the server:
·         Draft Mailbox: Drafts
·         Mailbox sent: Sent
·         Mailbox deleted: Trash
·         File mailbox: Archive
If there is no folder, or a different folder has been selected, tap the mailbox and select the correct folder on the server. The name of the folder is in English.
Note: Note: If the folder is not in the list, log in to Webmail and place an email message in the folder that is not available. Then try again.

Step 13 - Enter IMAP route prefix

Scroll to the bottom of the screen and enter INBOX as the IMAP route prefix, all uppercase.

Step 14 - It's over.

Your account has been configured correctly.

By following this steps you can easily configure on iPhone (ios11) bt in case you still need some help then get in touch with Yahoo's support service.